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learn about the key issues: violence against women

Forced Marriage

It is a practice that is recognized at the international level as a violation of human rights

Son Preference

It is an attitude founded on the belief that girls are inadequate and of lesser value than boys.


Many families rely on dowries as a source of income at the time of marriage.

Honour Violence

It is an act intended to restore ‘honour’ to the family and is rooted in men’s efforts to control women’s sexual and social lives.

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Our work in numbers


Number of volunteer hours contributed by ICWA Board in 2011-2012


Number of clients assisted by the outreach workers in 2011-2012


Increase in the number of clients served under the ISAP Program in 2011

Women's issues in numbers


Alberta men believe its okay to physically assault a woman if she upsets him


1.5 billion-The measurable health related costs of violence against women in Canada every year




Number of women living in emergency shelters to escape domestic violence on any given day in Canada