Integration & Settlement


Settlement Counselors conduct workshops for new immigrants. The workshops introduce new immigrants to Canada, its systems, geography, weather, provincial information, Permanent Resident Card, Alberta Personal Health Card, information on Canada revenue Agency for Tax purposes, Immunization, Medical centers and Alberta registries / driver license and much more. As required at a second meeting with the settlement counsellor, clients receive personalized attention and specific information according to their situations.  These workshops bring people together and give a bird’s eye view of the Canadian social setup. Feedback is taken from the clients regarding quality of services they received and their suggestions are taken to improve the program.

To contact settlement workers please contact:

Farah Fatima or Saima Tanwir 

Phone Number: 780-462-6924



Two outreach workers provide support to new hard to reach immigrants.  These clients have severe language barriers that make it difficult for them to access services. As ICWA outreach workers work in the community and speak their language so it is ensured that the client’s needs are met.

The female outreach worker, work in collaboration with the Pakistani Community Centre in Millwoods, IFFSA (an Islamic Food Bank), and Duggan Community. A majority of these immigrants come from eastern part of India and Pakistan. She provides them information/orientation and refers them to appropriate services. Her work extends to working with immigrant communities to share basic settlement information, to motivate them to plan their careers by learning English and Computer skills for a better future and even to support their children’s education. She also educate community members on vaccination for children, its benefits and to be vigilant and aware of allergies if they should happen.

The male outreach worker mainly serves the new senior immigrants to Canada. He assists seniors by assisting to show them government offices and other places that serve their need.  He also  organizes a senior’s group session every week where they can share information with each other and find solutions to problems that they face.

To contact the outreach workers please contact:

Shazia Ambreen

Phone Number: 780-707-9483 

Rajbir Kharod

Phone Number: 780-807-3232