Community Activities


Youth from immigrant families often feel they are ‘living in two different worlds’. Many of them are trying to integrate into Canadian society and also maintain their traditional values and cultures as expected by the parents. At the same time they are transitioning from childhood to adulthood and struggle with identity, gender roles and personal issues. The purpose of the youth program at ICWA is to provide these young immigrants a platform where they can discuss their problems, look for solutions and engage in various activities. 

The youth group has been involved with Mustard seed and volunteered at the centre. They have also been engaged in community theatre to raise awareness of girl’s rights abuses. Community theatre has been a very interesting activity for the youth. They had many suggestions about the script, acting and presenting the script and were very enthusiastic about raising awareness on social issues.

For more information on the group or to participate, please contact:

ICWA office 

Phone Number: 780-490-0477.



The Women’s resiliency program aims to help newly arrived women to settle down in a new country and provide social and cultural support to ease their transition. The group facilitated by Shazia Ambreen meets once every month to attend workshops on various topics like financial planning, running a small business from home, finding employment, and understanding of their rights in Canada.

This provides the women with an opportunity to  meet other immigrants who may be going through a similar situation or others who been successfully dealt with them. Through workshops and activities of the group the women are encouraged, hopeful and determined to integrate well into the new country.

The facilitator also brings special guests for presentations. The past year women’s group was given an information session on breast Health and early detection methods for breast cancer. The women were encouraged to go for early screening. Public Education specialist from the City of Edmonton briefed the women about better managing their waste at home.

For more information on the group or to participate, please contact:

Ms. Shazia Ambreen

Phone Number: 780-707-9483.



The goal of the senior’s program is to make seniors self-reliant, healthy and secure. Indo Canadian Women’s Association (ICWA) has been helping ethnic and new immigrant seniors for last 32 years to build a new life in Canada. Seniors are often house bound due to language barriers and inability to move about on their own.  Consequently majority of them remain isolated in long winter period and feel bored, sad and depressed. They never learn any winter sports and have little desire to go for a walk or any exercise. Community based supportive counselling helps to alleviate these problems.

Senior’s group is facilitated by Rajbir Kharod remains a renowned gathering for the seniors. Each meeting is attended by 20 - 25 men who discuss various issues.  Attendees are informed about such times as the recreational activities in which they can engage, Alberta Seniors Benefit that they can access.  Often the participants want to talk about other topics and the facilitators arrange for these sessions accordingly.

For more information on the group or to participate, please contact:

Mr. Rajbir Kharod

Phone NUmber: 780-807-3232