Seniors Conversational English

This class is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of beginners and seniors. Due to the language barrier, newcomers and seniors often feel lonely, bored and depressed as they cannot involve themselves in social activities on their own. In this class, they can learn how to access various services, how to speak to people at these service provider locations and how to communicate what they need.

Objective: Help students to develop the ability to use oral and written English for daily needs, acquire basic conversation skills and vocabulary, and use simple sentence patterns. Help students adjust to their new cultural setting and utilize their skills to function in the new environment.

Instructor: Tulin Sadouzai

Phone: 780-668-4698

Location: Welcome Centre for Immigrants

                  Millbourne Mall Tower II Room # 360



Angelica, one of the ESL students, arrived in Canada in 2015. She had very limited English and was initially too shy to converse in the language. Now, on completion of the program, Angelica is able to ask questions, make sentences and communicate clearly in English. She gained confidence to speak in English with the teacher and with her classmates with other first languages. She is able to connect with peers who can provide her with more resources for an easy life in Edmonton.

Angelica said, “I improved my English, now I understand my teacher; I feel good in the class because I understand English and I meet new friends. I feel good that I can do shopping by myself; I can take the bus and I can go to downtown by myself. My teacher is very nice; he loves students and helps them to learn English.”