Making Change: Promoting Leadership

Making Change: Promoting Leadership among Girls and Young Women

  • Are Canadian girls of the South Asian and Middle Eastern decent seen as competent leaders in their communities?
  • Are there barriers that restrict girls’ active participation in the civic, political, and community life of Canada?
  • Do South Asian/Middle Eastern girls/young women feel confident to take on leadership roles? 

If you have already begun to reflect on these questions, you are engaged in our project. The answers to these questions lay the foundation of Making Change.


Project Brief:

Supported by the Status of Women Canada, this project has been undertaken by the Canadian Council of Muslim Women - Edmonton Chapter, in collaboration with the Indo-Canadian Women’s Association and Intercultural Action Committee for Advancement of Women. The project seeks to orient Canadian girls and young women of Middle Eastern and South Asian heritage toward various leadership roles.

The underlying objective is to help young girls in their pursuit of leadership and empowerment through a multi-pronged strategy called ‘The Five Es’:

  •  Engage the girls in a meaningful dialogue that will help them identify the barriers in taking up    leadership roles
  •  Expand their understanding of these issues
  •  Encourage them to participate in Canada’s civic-political-cultural life
  •  Equip them with skills to develop strategies to overcome them, and
  •  Empower them to respond to their marginal presence in the public life

For more information on this initiative, please see the brochure.

As part of the project we are currently conducting a leadership survey. The purpose is to identify certain barriers that restrict participation of South Asian/Middle Eastern girls and young women in Canada’s civic, political, and community life.

To participate in the survey please follow the link: 10 minute Leadership survey

The data is collected for educational purpose and will remain strictly confidential with the team of Making Change.