Breast Health Education

The ICWA has received funding from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to educate hard to reach South Asian immigrant women on breast health issues and early detection methods of breast cancer. The Association partners with the following organizations for this initiative: 

  • Pakistan Canada Association of Edmonton Women group
  •  Multicultural senior's and women's Association
  •  Sahara Community Services Association
  •  Edmonton Multilingual Library 


The women are contacted at community functions, private gatherings, festivals celebrations, religious gatherings, shopping malls and are educated on breast health issues in their ethnic languages. A variety of strategies are used to encourage women in south Asian community to participate in our breast health educational activities. Among these activities are:  

  •  One-on-one conversations with women in various settings such as home, personal phone calls, Temples, Mosques, Gurdwaras and community centers.
  • Holding workshops or informal gatherings in the home or community centers
  •  Approaching different associations and organizations in the community and doing displays and presentations
  •  Use of ethnic media to educate women on breast health issues, such as ethnic radio, community newspapers, flyers and posters in Urdu Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati and other South Asian languages
  •  Use of internet for those who can access websites and email


The breast health education team encourages South Asian women for breast screening. The women are made aware of mammography through workshops, displays, informal gatherings, and translated material in south Asian languages, radio and television talks.


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A support group of breast cancer survivors was created to help newly diagnosed breast cancer patients in south Asian community. Primary breast health educator and support group members provided physical and moral support to newly diagnosed patients. This support group is helping new patients to keep their morale high and have courage to fight the cancer. Volunteers and assistants of the program are trained for leadership skills so they can further create awareness on breast health detection methods. The participants of the workshops share information about breast cancer and early detection methods with their families and friends. The support group members are playing a key leadership role by using their own breast cancer experience to help newly diagnosed cancer patients.

Health professionals and staff of health related organizations are invited in our workshops to share their knowledge on breast health issues. The professionals are also made aware of South Asian immigrant women's breast health issues so that this information is passed on to policy makers. This will help policy makers design health and wellness policies according to cultural beliefs, sensitivity and religious back ground.

Language plays a significant role in gaining trust of South Asian women. Primary breast health educator and volunteers deliver breast health information in South Asian languages such as Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati etc during workshops, informal gatherings, displays and other breast health educational activities. Also the breast health resource material has been created in south Asian languages for the clients.

For more information about this program or to be part of its activities please contact:

Kishwar Ghani

Breast Health Educator 

Phone Number: 780-716-7470