Citizenship Exam Preparation

Objective: To aid immigrants to complete their Citizenship Exams. We teach the voting process, Canadian history, symbols and basic government processes and geography. We educate students on duties of citizens and on constitutional rights and guarantees in the Charter of rights and freedoms.

Instructor: Mr. Paul Kalsi

Phone: 780-999-4888

Class Time: Saturday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Location: Welcome Centre for Immigrants

                  Millbourne Mall Tower II Room # 360


“Because of Citizenship Instructor hardships and commitment, it was possible for me and my wife to pass the citizenship test by just attending the two classes only, as we had few days left for the test to appear. Actually, we got the letter from CIC very late and I was very stressed because I heard from the people that this test is very difficult and many people fail. I did not want to lose this opportunity because I was flying overseas next day of the test date, so I book an appointment with Mr. Paul and he helped us to learn in the classes. As a result, I got 100% and my wife got 90% marks. We are very excited.”